Stefano Meschiari, Ph.D.

Data Scientist, Stripe

Hello! I am a Data Scientist passionate about creating practical data science solutions that are useful, transparent, and scalable. I'm currently a Fraud Data Scientist at Stripe.

Previously, I was a Technical Lead at Duo Security (Cisco), where I led the development of Duo Trust Monitor.

I am also a maker of open-source scientific tools and games (in various states of un-maintenance), an advocate for open data, reproducible research, and citizen science, and avid learner of all things technology. I love creating and sharing knowledge.

In my past life as an astrophysicist, I discovered new planets and worked on understanding how Tatooine-like planets (planets orbiting binary stars) formed.

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Quick stats

Data Science Leader
Astrophysics Ph.D.
Living in Portland, Oregon
Hailing from Modena, Italy

My Interests

Researching novel ways to apply machine learning algorithms to solve customer challenges; bridging label-poor setups into classification problems; evaluating model performance in highly uncertain domains.
Usable, explainable, and actionable data science solutions that remove friction from customers' lives.
Learning, mentoring, creating knowledge.
Making delightful, useful, and pretty products.

Projects Stuff I've made

Typeset math formulas in R using LaTeX notation.


Scikit-learn Classifiers Playground
An online web app to compare Scikit-learn classifiers, implemented using Pyodide.


Discover exoplanets using real astronomical data.


Super Planet Crash
Race against gravity to create a crowded planetary system.


Apps & Games
I lead a collaboration of astronomers and educators dedicated to developing games and apps to teach astronomical concepts.